Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Quick Note About Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Listen, the first record I ever bought was Bridge Over Troubled Waters, in some smelly record store in Bisbee on an 8th grade field trip. I had never actually heard the record, mind you, I just liked Simon and Garfunkel from what I had downloaded off Napster. Anyway, that record sat thumb-tacked on my wall for, like, four years (Visual proof, right next to the Abbey Road poster), and watched over what I'm sure were countless acts of youthful defiance and debauchery. So I was at my dad's house a few weeks ago tossing through some boxes of shit, and there it is, looking up at me, beneath some old books about constellations and types of rock formations and minerals or whatever from the '50s.

So I'm listening to it right now. And it plays great. And it's great. That's all.